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The multiplayer doesnt work could you please fix this if possible?

Not working how exactly? Joining or hosting?

Is this project dead? I am going to assume from the lack of updates that this is as far as the game is going to make it. Bummer.

I'm working on new projects now, but may come back to adding a few things to Zibulon 2 in the future.

Whatever you gotta do, my man. Loved this game, even in it's simple state. I wish you the best of luck for future projects!

I'm curious, who did the spritework? It is fairly nice (albeit bizarre) and definitely gives off a good indie vibe. Are they yours or did you work with somebody/company to get them done?

The artwork is a combination of assets found on OpenGameArt and my own art. I think the only stuff I used that wasn't mine were the trees and some of the ground tiles, but even then decent amounts of editing was done.


nice game, keep up the great work dude!

Oh, also could you maybe add armour and jet enhancements too? Just make the health and Jet bars get longer or set the stats a bit higher so you don't have to feel like a glass cannon all the time.


Thanks for playing! Glad you had some fun. I'll be sure to keep your ideas in mind.

how do i play online multiplayer

i need help

Great game but you should add more weapons and maps or perhaps randomly generated maps.You should also make cave-like structures instead of only tunnels.Hope to see more updates coming soon!

Thanks for playing!

New weapons will be coming soon, possibly in the update coming later this week to fix issues and bugs found from the initial release.

great game! hope more updates come to improve the game! add more weapons, and please nerf the jumping giant guy because hes totes op and he kills you easily as the first few rounds are easy then suddenly you have this powerful guy that reks you. hopefull there will be more weapons, weak or strong, and more enemies as well. great game and keep up the good work! :-)

Thanks for playing.

An update will be coming later this week to fix issues and bugs found from the initial release, and to overall help balance the game.

I won't spoil anything, but there may be some new weapons coming, who knows!

I know ;)

oi mate how do you play local multiplayer? i dont understand it pls can you tell me how

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you can't have two people play on the same device if that's wot ya mean

first, have someone host the game. the host absolutely must wait for the other players to join before starting. also, before creating the server, the host has to enter a port (mine is 7777 idek what a port is tho). those who want to join must enter the SAME PORT as the host (4 numbers), then type in the ip adress. here it's where it gets a little tricky. the host opens up the command prompt on the computer (press win+R, then type "cmd" in the searchbar and press enter) (if you did not know, to change from the game screen to the desktop just press alt+tab). once you open the command prompt, type in "ipconfig".  you will then see four lines of ip(?)look at the second line ( the one called "IPv4 Address") you will see something like "IPv4 Address . . . . . . . . . . .:###.###.#.###" the person who wants to join will have to enter the ip adress (the one that will say something like "" <not those exact numbers) in the first bar, enter the port in the second bar, and the password (if any) in the third bar. keep in mind that this is not in the command prompt anymore, but rather the game itself, in case i was unclear. then you are ready to go. the explanation might be long, but once you know how to do it it is pretty simple. if you are still unclear, contact the creator, AwesomeX. i hope i could help you! :-)

yours sincerely,


Yes i did do that but if i join to my brother (has a his own device) it keep just exiting on it own 

Simple Fun Game To Play... Good Job!

more screenshake

ps. add motion blur thanks bruh


this game gay

please explain why?

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the soldiers need more health and a little more of a jetpack boost but its really good

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jump and jet at the same time (thank me l8tr)