Zibulon 2 - Update 1.2 Released

Ahoi everyone!

Been a while since the last update, but this one should definitely help the quality of the game!

New Server Browser

It's now easier than ever to find and play with other people! Anyone that hosts a game "provided their chosen ports are forwarded" will have their games show up to everyone via the new server browser!

You can also see how many players are online and ingame at any time in the main-menu.

New Weapon - Minigun


  • Added new Server Browser
  • Added new weapon - Minigun
  • Armored Goliath now spawns in wave 8
  • Increased amount of aliens spawned to 64 on wave 1
  • Players can no longer re-join mid-game to revive themselves 
  • Drastically improved performance of bullets on screen
  • Bug fixes as usual


Zibulon 2 v1.2 Linux.zip 37 MB
Dec 16, 2018
Zibulon 2 v1.2 Mac.zip 37 MB
Dec 16, 2018
Zibulon 2 v1.2.zip 37 MB
Dec 16, 2018

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